Monday, April 10, 2006


Taking a brief break from Pesach cleaning to pop in. My hands hurt from all the scrubbing and wiping and washing. On the other hand, I found under the oven range a wooden puzzle base for those toddler puzzles that have the pieces with the little handles on them. We've been missing that for I don't know how long. At least since last Pesach.

I've actually come pretty far. The only things left to do are washing out the freezer (the fridge is done now), and scrubbing the stove, sink, and kitchen floor. I'm calling tomorrow "Appliance Day" with regards to cleaning.

And our tulips are coming up and Oldest Son (who's now 5) has the Four Questions memorized while his Eema (yours truly) is still working on memorizing the pasukim for Thursday morning's Torah leyning (chanting).

Today is also the second "secular yahrzeit" of my father's (alav hashalom) death. I can't believe it's been two years that he's been gone. It can't possibly be that long. I miss him.

Pesach is a hard time of year, beyond the cleaning and preparations; two close family members have died either during or just before Pesach. Yet with Pesach as a backdrop, I've also found ways to honor their memories, to continue their legacies, and to make the holiday all the more meaningful.

Liberation on so many levels.

I'm not sure I'll be back before Pesach begins. Likely not, given my recent track record. So for all who celebrate, chag kasher v'sameach Pesach and I'll see you at Sinai (or somewhere along the way).