Friday, August 24, 2007

Me At Work

No, that's not a mis-spelling of "Men At Work."

Actually, it's a shameless plug to go read a couple of articles I wrote for MIPA, the Midwest Independent Publishers Association. I wrote one on book categories and one on building a publishing backlist. It's the "work side" of me, hence "me at work."

Over-explained, I know.

But go check it out. The book categories one is personal, and has completely changed the way I approach my writing. How? Go read it!


Jack's Shack said...

That was interesting. Thank you.

Shira Salamone said...

Not Jewish fiction, "Fiction / Suspense?" Hmm. Sheyna Galyan, mystery writer, er, writer of mysteries, er, whatever. :)

Sheyna said...

Jack - you're welcome. Thanks for reading it!

Shira - I've grown up reading mysteries and suspense, and I knew my books had mystery elements in them, but I thought (erroneously) that if I didn't kill off a character through foul play, it wasn't a mystery.

I'm still learning. :-)