Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Is it safe to come out now?

I’m finally venturing out after a week of illness (Husby brought the darn virus home, gave it to the kids, who then demonstrated their newfound ability to share by giving it to me), and trying to recover from a screaming migraine. I sincerely hope my chiropractor will help.

Lots of interesting things have been going on that I plan to write about when the pain subsides and the jackhammer stops pounding in my head:

  • Did the Geek Squad go too far this time?
  • Exclusive behind-the-scenes insight into a 2-year-old’s nightmares
  • Recreational reading books on my nightstand (and end table)
  • Are there really differing theological perspectives to the much-maligned psychological reality of perfectionism? And if so, why does it matter?
  • Update on As in Days of Old – the second book in the Rabbi David Cohen series
  • Preparing for the High Holy Days

More soon, I hope!

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