Tuesday, September 20, 2005

This is not your =insert male relative='s Oldsmobile

This is just one of those things that women HAVE to share...

We recently bought a used minivan to aid in getting the whole family plus stroller plus groceries into the same vehicle. As luck (or some other intervention) would have it, we found a very nice used van - in our price range, no less - at the local Saturn dealership where we took our itty-bitty sedan for routine maintenance.

There’s a really neat computer in the van that has a digital compass, outside thermometer, and tells you how many miles you can go on the current tank of gas, your average speed, how many gallons you’ve used so far, etc. I’m still convinced there’s a way to use it to contact Mars. Anyway, Oldsmobile refers to it in the owner’s manual as the Driver Information Center.

Yep, you got it: DIC.

So when Husby told me he was jealous of all the neat toys and gadgets I’d get to play with in the van, I couldn’t help myself...

Me: You’re jealous of my DIC?
Husby: Um...
Me: You have DIC envy?
Husby: Uh...
Me: You want to play with my DIC too?
Husby: (making strangling sounds)
Me: You’re sad you don’t have a DIC and I do?
Husby: (shaking his head)
Me: You want a DIC like mine?
Husby: (burying his head in his hands)
Me: Would you play with your DIC if you had one?

I can tell this is going to be a source of laughter (at least on my part) for quite some time...

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