Sunday, January 08, 2006

Free book! - Another Update

One copy of the book will shortly be winging its way to Israel. I decided that since it might not make it back overseas (which is fine!), I would release one additional copy in North America. It will be heading off to the southeastern US. Thanks, everyone, for your interest!

On the car accident front, as of today, we retained the services of a highly reputable attorney to make sure we can recoup the out-of-pocket expenses (now in excess of $1000) we've had as a result.

On Dateline tonight, there's a story about whiplash. Let's say I now have a vested interest.


Anonymous said...

The Book thing How do I get one sent to me. Do you trade or pay shipping where do i find these details.

Sheyna Galyan said...

The "book thing" is that I've sent two copies of my book out to interested readers who will read it, then hopefully post a journal entry on, then give or send it on to someone else who will do the same thing. You can find out more on my first post if you scroll down to the first listing of "Free book!"

I'm only sending out the two books (obviously it would be bad for me as an author to give all of my books away!) so probably the best way to make sure you can get a hold of the book is to either request that your local library order a copy or order one from your local bookstore or online (see links in the sidebar by the book cover).

I can start a list of interested readers who would like to "catch" one of the two free copies going around, but there's no guarantee that a reader would send it to someone on that list. They may choose to give it to a friend or someone they think would enjoy it.

Hope that helps!