Saturday, January 07, 2006

Free book!

I just registered my book with, and will send out one free copy to the first interested person. The idea with BookCrossing is that you read the book, log in to BookCrossing, post a journal entry (sort of like a review - what you liked or didn't like, etc.), and then pass it along to someone else, who will do the same. We can all track the book's progress across the country or around the world through these journal entries.

I found through Ezer Knegdo's blog - thanks!

If you're interested in taking part, please send me an e-mail with BOOK CROSSING in the subject line.

For those who are willing, I can also keep track of who's interested so that once a reader is finished with the book, he or she can send it along to the next interested person.

And if you simply can't wait that long, you can buy your own copy (autographed copies available from the publisher), or ask your local library to add it to their collection.

Let's have fun with this!

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Evelyn Guy said...

What a neat idea, the posting at Book Crossing. I have 'released' read books and registered them there, but didn't know about listing your own books with them. I will have to check this out.