Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Would you help to write a book?

I met a woman the other day who is in the process of writing a book.

I get that a lot. But this isn't about me.

She's writing about conversion to Judaism, and I truly believe she has an angle that hasn't been written about much. Yet.

The problem: she's stuck. She's writing what she wants to write (I checked; that's an important part), but because she wants this to be helpful to others, she wants to know what others would want to read, too.

So I suggested she start a blog and talk to the world and ask them what they'd like to know about conversion. Or ask them to ask her questions, and then she could incorporate the answers.

Her response was looking at me like I was insane (probably a correct assumption), and asking, "Are you insane? I'm trying to write a book and you want me to write more?"

Well, um, yeah.

So being the helpful borderline codependent I am, I said I'd ask all of my blog's readers (here's hoping there's more than three...) if they'd be willing - or interested - in helping her out with her book project, or steering others who are interested in conversion to her as-yet-uncreated blog.

Whatddya think?

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Yoel.Ben-Avraham said...

Tell her my name is Avraham Yoel Ben-Avraham and that I specialize in exactly her situation (see http://www.ePublicist.ca ) and that I'm interested in exploring what she's doing.

I've been toying with a book of my personal experience/insights for decades.