Friday, June 09, 2006

Bird Bird Bird Bird Cow Cow

A million things to do today, before I even prepare for Shabbat. It's been a difficult week for me personally and I've had to let some work and home duties slide for a bit. So I'm trying to get at least some things done before turning my attention to tonight and tomorrow.

Keeping me company is a recording recommended to me by my neighbor Demi, titled "Bird Bird Bird" and sung by Madison, WI folk singers Peter and Lou Berryman.

I love this song. By using only single words and short phrases, they describe what one would see from the car while driving from a rural area (bird bird bird bird cow cow tractor tractor plow plow), into a town or city from the outer suburbs (speed zone 30 Wal-Mart) to the inner urban area (discount liquor strip club empty building dead shrub), through the other end of town (house house trailer yard sale), and back into rural land (silo tractor barn plow end construction cow cow).

Click on the post title or the song title to hear the song, and even better - click on Peter and Lou Berryman to visit their web site and hear more.

And now back to work...

Shabbat shalom!

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