Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Postville, The Forward, and Action - Part II

From Rabbi Morris Allen of Minnesota:

"These last two days have been filled with many phone calls, and the work of [our] committee has gotten off to a good start. I want to particularly thank Suzanne Bring and Jewish Community Action for [their] work in developing our phone protocol as it relates to our gathering of information, and in compiling a list of folks with whom we should be in contact. I encourage you to continue to be involved with our Social Justice Committee and the work which will continue most probably after our USCJ/RA report is completed."

For a refresher, please see the first entry on this topic.

The following are links to all of the major Forward articles regarding Postville and AgriProcessors:

News - Kosher "Jungle." The Forward: May 26, 2006

Editorial - "Slaughterhouse Rules." The Forward: May 26, 2006

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News - "Immigration Battle... in Iowa." The Forward: June 23, 2006

For older articles, please go to http://www.forward.com and type in postville in the search box at the top right of the page.

More to come as it's known.

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