Thursday, June 22, 2006

Hot Tub Withdrawal

We just returned home from a three-day, two-night vacation (or what passes for a vacation when you have two small children) in Owatonna, Minnesota. It was nice. The kids had their own room, with a door that closed (that's the important part). And in our room, steps away from the bed, was a hot tub.

This was our room:

Now we are home and I'm feeling a little out of sorts. Yes, I can sleep in my own bed, use my own bathroom, cook in my own kitchen, and let the kids play outside. But there's always a letdown after a fun time away, a little downturn after the downtime, and I'm feeling the effects.

Or maybe I'm just missing my hot tub.

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Jack's Shack said...

A hot tub would be nice.