Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Change is good, change is good, change is...

The Yaldah Publishing blog is moving from Blogger to the Yaldah website. I needed to take a break from the writing (I wasn't getting much done anyway) and so with Techno-husby, we got the new Yaldah blog up and running on WordPress. It looks very nice, I must say.


I actually have a custom WordPress header that I made myself for this blog, but I'm not sure if or when this blog will move. The header for the Yaldah blog is also one of my creations; I thought the placement of the Kotel on the header nicely reflected the brick on the main Yaldah pages.

There are a few bugs to work out, with which I'm sure I'll occupy time that I should be spending on Days, but it's a good thing. Right?

For those who are interested, the first 5 (probably out of 6) posts in the series about how Like a Maccabee went from manuscript to published book are up on the new Yaldah blog, too.

I'm eagerly looking forward to going through the same process for Days!

I just have... to... keep... uh... keep... writing, that's it! I have to keep writing! (And not on the blog, either.)

Keep me going, please! I'm on a deadline!

And go visit the Yaldah blog and leave a comment or two, please. I think it's worth the trip.