Thursday, December 21, 2006

Tzedek Hechsher Update

The following from Rabbi Morris Allen of St. Paul, regarding the USCJ commission that is developing the "tzedek hekhsher" referred to here:
"Below are four news stories, in addition to the Forward's story, regarding the Hechsher Tzedek. In truth, while the opening name is important in terms of identifying the concept, I would imagine that eventually we will call this product identification by a name different than 'hechsher' so as not to confuse the kosher consumer. For the time being the hechsher Tzedek is a good working identification of what it is that we are capable of doing, and what it is that we should indeed be doing.

"If we as Jews are serious about seeing that the products produced are done in a way that meets the requirements of Jewish law in an ethical and dignified manner, then our involvement is going to be critically important. I personally believe that our commitment to a livable kashrut standard, something we have spoken about for many years, provides [our] community with the credibility to take this issue public. Developing an achievable threshold for food companies is something that is in our interest, in the interest of Judaism and in the interest of those who are most directly responsible for providing the food we prepare in our kitchens. Happy Hannuka, Happy Rosh Hodesh."

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