Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Dog Days of Winter

I'm two scenes away from being done with the manuscript. Of course, there's untold numbers of future drafts to be written as the editing process ensues, but at least it's almost DONE. And only a month late. grumblegrumble

Since I am so close, that means it's time for... (kulam!): MORE PROCRASTINATION!

Of my many talents, procrastination is one of my most perfected.

Okay, so here's the scoop: back in August, we adopted an 18-month-old jet black Lab/Chow mix. We took her camping a week later. She was awesome.

Until she snapped at Youngest Son (3-1/2). Granted, Youngest Son stepped on her, but still... Over the next couple of months, she occasionally snapped and bit at everyone in the family without warning, and, it became obvious, without provocation. Twice she drew blood.

I enrolled her in obedience training and we had to spend most of the class in the hallway because she was so dog aggressive that she couldn't be around other dogs, something that was NOT evident when we adopted her. The trainer referred us to a vet behaviorist, who suggested the dog might have been abused before we got her, would need a lot of time and attention and training and was probably best suited for a home without children.

The tension in the house grew and when she snapped at Oldest Son (6) when he was reaching for a pair of his socks from the laundry basket three feet away from her, I'd had enough. The kids were afraid of her, I'd been bit enough that I didn't want to pet her, and Husby was the only one who could handle her without ready treats. With heavy heart and even greater relief, we took her back to the shelter.

But we really wanted a dog. Despite the aversion many Jews have to dogs, we REALLY wanted a dog. And since I'm home so much avoiding work... er... I mean working SO HARD, and Husby grew up with dogs, and honestly, a would-be intruder might think twice if we had a dog, we went looking. And we found him:

A ten-week-old Golden Retriver/something mix, he is just as sweet as can be. (And yes, that's a photo of him outside in the snow, where the temperature is six below zero and feels like TWENTY-SIX BELOW with wind chill. In other words, darn cold!)

No signs of aggression, and he's young enough that there's no bad history and we can socialize him appropriately to people and other dogs. Oldest Son named him "Nugget" (as in gold nugget), which also happens to be the name of a Golden Retriever mix that lived next door to me when I was growing up. It's one of those come full circle kinds of things.

So, now I'm enjoying new-puppy-owner bliss while I procrastinate. Just a few minutes playing with the puppy, and then I'll get back to work. Really. Honest.


Jack's Shack said...

If you are lucky he'll leave you some nuggets all over the house. ;)

Sheyna said...

Oh, he has! Would you like a few? Share the wealth, I say. ;-)

Yael said...

Your new dog is soooo cute! He looks just like my Katr, a Golden Retriever/Husky mix I had in Florida. I just loved her to bits. She was the BEST dog. Never once was she aggressive. She did like to lick faces though...

cruisin-mom said...

sheyna, he is so cute...dogs are the best...but you did the right thing...can't have a dog that bites. Enjoy him!