Thursday, July 20, 2006

Legit Poll on Israel/Lebanon War or Creating a New War?

I received an e-mail today asking me to participate in a poll CNN is conducting about whether or not Israel's actions against Lebanon are justified.

My first thought is that whoever is asking the question (and remember, this is CNN) is looking for another opportunity to create controversy and divisiveness. It seems to be working.

At the same time, I dislike seeing a poll that shows an ever-increasing majority of poll-takers (not to be confused with an accurate representation of the public) consider Israel's actions not justified. I dislike that this poll will likely be used to fan anti-Israel, and eventually probably anti-Jewish rhetoric. I dislike that some people will consider this poll "scientific" and quote it as such (it's not, by the way, and CNN acknowledges it in fine print).

So I voted.

Here's the text of the e-mail:

CNN is holding a vote online to determine if people believe that Israel's actions are just or unjust. Last night, the vote was strongly in Israel's favor...this morning, the gap was closing. Tonight, the vote is swinging against Israel. Some of us share political views, some of us have different points ofview. But regarding Israel, from the comfort of our homes, who are we to say that Israel was unjustified in her response? Israel, our homeland, needs our solidarity and support in this time ofstruggle.......not our second guessing and judgment of her motives. How important is the CNN vote? Critics of Israel are always lookingfor any "validation" that shows Israel in a negative light. Please....take a minute and vote and stand with Israel in this struggle for her security. Please pass this along to everyone on your list.

Thank you.........................
1. The web address is here.
2. It takes 2 seconds for vote that Israel's actions ARE justified
3. Do the right thing. vote YES.


***end e-mail***


StepIma said...

I hate this sort of thing, because every time there's a poll of this sort, there's always an email campaign of this sort, too... pro and con. The numbers are meaningless. I hate to use the "L" word, but I'm certain there are Arab groups passing along the link just as industriously, getting supporters to vote as a way to show their solidarity... and their community far outnumbers ours. And the higher the number of people voting gets, the louder CNN gets the message that people love their polls, so the polls don't stop. After all, it drives new readers to their website, which is all they care about. It's a lose-lose. So if we keep emailing it along and repeatedly voting, then as far as they're concerned, the more polarizing their polls are, the better.

At least Israel continues to do what they have to do, and doesn't give a darn what the world thinks.

Sheyna Galyan said...

StepIma: I agree. What if they gave a poll and nobody came?

A good thing the IDF doesn't consult CNN before making military decisions!

I figure the poll is like Amazon book rankings: inaccurate and no matter what the number is, it's depressing. ;-)