Sunday, January 28, 2007


badword badword badword badword grumblegrumblegrumblegrumble

I was planning to switch to the new Blogger today. Had some time (yes, that translates to "not working on the book") and I was ready. Took a deep breath. Clicked the link.

"We're sorry. We cannot switch you over to the new Blogger at this time."


Blogger Help was not Helpful: "While the new version of Blogger is no longer in beta, some users with certain types of blogs will not immediately be able to switch to it."

Certain types? What the grrrr is that supposed to mean?

I do not have a large blog. I have even fewer comments. Not even sure I have all that many readers. Maybe that's the problem?

I dunno. I'm frustrated. I think I'll go kill off a character. Painfully.


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