Thursday, January 04, 2007

Dancing Distraction

So I was just checking comments over on Shira's post about Israeli folk dancing and was doing some research on probably my most favorite of Israeli folk dances - Jama'a BaMidbar. It all got me very nostalgic because I haven't been able to attend our weekly local (and baruch HaShem we HAVE it!) Israeli folk dance class since I was pregnant with Oldest Son, who just turned six.

That means it's been close to seven years (!) since I was a regular participant.


I dug out my tape of my favorite dance songs and listened to it, trying with only limited success to remember all the dance steps. As much as I absolutely LOVE Jama'a, I can only remember a few of the steps, which is not good because the dance has some twelve different parts plus a recurring "chorus."

And I am so sadly out of shape that by the end of the tape, I was wheezing. Of course, I do have a head/chest cold, so maybe this wasn't the most intelligent choice I could have made.

I do think I'm overdue for a return to dance class. We'll see if I can work it out.

But I thought I'd share with you the favorite songs I have on this custom tape:

  1. Zodiak (Zodiac)
  2. Jama'a BaMidbar
  3. Od Yavo (Shalom Aleinu) / Od Yavo'u
  4. Kol Ma Shekadam
  5. Halevay
  6. Neshikat Turkit
  7. Shir
  8. Tzadik Katamar
  9. Zemer Atik
If I can just remember the steps to them all...
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