Friday, January 19, 2007

Broke 75,000 Words!

As in Days of Old is six scenes away from being done!

Or the first draft, anyway. Maybe Sunday will be the day to finish?

Shabbat shalom!


Anonymous said...

mazal tov!!! i just found your it...i too am on the home stretch of my book, 'Emma Shelby is No More'...would love to hear more about your rabbi...yahoooooo...stay safe...i'll be back soon

Sheyna Galyan said...

Marallyn - cool! I've promo'd your site on my most recent post. I'll get over there to do some reading soon.

Best place to read more about my "imaginary friends" including The Rabbi Who Lives in My Head and Annoys the Hell Out of Me is at the publisher web site:

Click on the book cover and you can read the first chapter (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader - free download instructions if you need it).

You can also "search inside the book" at Click here.

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